Shreks Adventure, London Dungeons & The London Eye – Easter Weekend in London

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On the way back home we left our luggage at Waterloo Train Station and enjoyed the Merlin Attractions on the Southbank for the day. Most of Merlin’s London Attractions are in the same building – County Hall so you can go from one to another in a matter of seconds!


When: Sunday 27th March 2016

So we caught a quiet train to London on Easter Sunday morning to Waterloo Station and dropped off the luggage for £11 per item and then had a short walk to the beautiful London Eye area where all the attractions sit facing the House of Parliament. Usually, rammed with tourists the area was surprisingly quiet early of Easter Sunday morning, but soon filled up!

The first attraction of the day was the new Shreks Adventure which was very well done and wouldn’t look out of place at a Universal or Disney Theme Park. Some great modern effects were used and it was similar to a dungeons experience except there’s no gruesome or scary moments and its all fun & happy! If your a fan of Shrek, its a great experience as you make your way through recreated sets from the film and meet Pinocchio, the muffin man, gingie & puss in boots all done seamlessly. A nice touch is the many DreamWorks figures and scenes you can have your picture took with at the end and I expect Kung Fu Panda Adventures & more to be appearing around the world soon too.

Next, we had a quick snack in the worlds busiest McDonalds in County Hall! and then straight into The Dungeons, which I love as every time you experience new shows in different dungeons and even if you do the same dungeon more than once you get different actors which put a new spin on the experience. The actors really do make it! New, is a free drink in the Dungeons Tavern at the end of the experience which is a bonus!

We just had time for one trip on the London Eye, why not, its free for us with our passes 🙂 It’s such a great way to see London and goes so slowly that you don’t even feel your moving. Also, the London Eye had a Easter Charlie & the Chocolate Factory event ongoing where the ground area was decorated with giant sweets & chocolates and for a little extra you could get the whole Charlie & the Chocolate Factory experience with your own personal guide.

We picked up our luggage and headed across London on foot along Westminster Bridge which was the most quiet I’ve ever seen it, passed Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and the Theatres of Victoria and eventually back to Victoria coach station for a late night trip home and a sleep in on Bank Holiday Monday!


  • Free Drink at The Dungeons!
  • Seeing the new Shrek’s Adventure
  • The views from The London Eye

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