London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park (2/3)


We had a busy schedule ahead of us on our full day at the park, first stop was the Arcelormittal Orbit to see some incredible views and what I was looking forward to the most – slide down the Worlds Tallest, Longest & Fastest Tunnel Slide! Was so good there is a separate post here! – (Full Arcelormittal Orbit & Slide post)


Next on our list was a trip to the Velodrome, all of the venues are now open to the public to have a go, train or compete at the sports so as a regular cyclist I have always wanted to have a at go track cycling so we had booked a Rio Track Taster Session booked for 1.30pm. We checked in, got changed into our best cycling gear and headed to the centre of the track for our briefing and to get our track bike & Helmet which was included in the session.

At first the shear scale of the track and simpleness of the track bike can seem very intimidating as well as trying to remember everything you have been told. However, our instructor was great and as we got used to the bike on the flat we rode past the scary 45 degree banks we would soon be on. We were told individually what we needed to improve on and were moved up the track line by line till we had enough speed and by the time we knew it we were above half way and speeding round the track! As you need so much speed to keep on the banks it is certainly very tiring, we had a quick break and another practice plus a bit of free riding, then we had the chance to complete a flying lap and be timed against the others. By this time we were all so tired that it was a real push to be at 100% but it was fun getting a timed lap from the famous track and comparing them against each other. The speed & track is so addictive and even after an hour & a half, was so keen to keep on going!

Feeling very tired & sweaty, we had a quick shower and then off to the beach to relax as the BeachEast event was happening in the park. With plenty of Rides, Food options, Rio 2012 on the big screen & a gigantic beach it was the perfect place to relax & spend the rest of the afternoon/evening. (Full BeachEast Post here!)

Tomorrow we explore of the actual park on Boris Bikes before going home!


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