Charlie & The Chocolate Factory: The Musical

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory: The Musical is going to be ending its run in London’s West End in January 2017 and going to Broadway, so I had to see it before it left! Combining the magic & wonder of the classic Roald Dahl book into a West End production really intrigued me so off I went a couple of days after Christmas (plus paying a visit to Olympia Looping here)

On our way to the Theatre Royal Drury Lane, we passed Leicester Square where I haven’t actually been before! M&M World was enticing us in and I needed to see what all the fuss is about! I was expecting a shop flogging a few different kinds of M&M’s and a bit of merchandise but I was blown away with the size & range of the place, I loved it. We wanted to have a look in the Lego Store too but because of the huge queue to get in the place we just had a quick look through the window and carried on to the theatre, it does look very good though!


We were in the Balcony for the musical, however, had a great view of everything. The first half set the scene and introduced the 5 golden ticket winners which was mostly set from Charlie Buckets home with appearances from the ticket winners in a huge TV Screen above. Was all very nicely done, though was slightly repetitive. The 2nd half is where the real magic started as Willy Wonka guided the children through the factory to amazing sets and effects. Of course the oomph loompahs were around with many unique ways to portray them. The Nut room featured around 15 animatronic Squirrels, the television room made chocolate & Mike shrink in front of our eyes and pure imagination filled the theatre with the magical glass elevator ending.

A really impressive take on an old classic which used modern effects to bring everything to life. The sets & effects were the real star of the show and kept everyone amazed, I do prefer a big production rather than a dramatic performance and this really was a tremendous production! I’ve really caught the theatre bug and it’s my mission in 2017 to see a lot more!



2 thoughts on “Charlie & The Chocolate Factory: The Musical

  1. I saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in October before returning to Melbourne. Where do they get these child actors?They were stunning and it was one of the best nights I’ve ever had at the theatre.

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