Arcelormittal Orbit & The Tallest Slide in the world!

The Arcelormittal Orbit at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is the UK’s Tallest Sculpture and for 2016 they decided to install the Worlds Tallest, Longest & Fastest Tunnel Slide! We took a trip up the structure to see what incredible views it had to offer and what I was looking forward to the most – The Slide!

We had a slide time of 10.30pm, so we left our bags & cameras in the free to use lockers on the ground floor & ascended the lift to the top, We were kitted out in Headgear, Armpads & Knee pads while wondering what we had let ourselves in for! You then climb into what I can only describe as a huge Helter Skelter mat and told to push yourself slowly into the long twisty tunnel. The feeling is brilliant as you speed through twists & turns in the light & dark while seeing glimpses of the Olympic Stadium through the clear window sections. As you think the slide is over and you are nearing the end another downhill twist speeds you up and you fly into the next section of turns! A very unique thrilling experience I would recommend doing as it is only £5 extra for the slide and well worth it, here is one of my videos showing the shear scale!

We took off our protective gear, collected our bags & then ascended the lift for the second time to enjoy the views. There are outdoor & indoor sections with huge floor to ceiling windows giving spectacular views of the Olympic Park, Greenwich, Central London & further out, even Wembley’s famous Arch can be seen which is on the other side of London. You really can appreciate the architecture & landscaping of the Olympic Park from that high up!

To descend the Orbit you have 3 options – 1 – The Slide (which we have already done!), 2 – The Lift or 3 – Walk down the 455 Stairs to the ground, we chose this option which gave time to appreciate the sculpture and get some different views of the slide, plus you have sounds of London playing as you spiral your way to the bottom.

For my full walk through video click here, Has anyone else dared to brave the Slide!?

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