A day in Bruges, Belgium

Arriving early in the morning, we had a full day to explore what Bruges had to offer and weren’t disappointed. Heading through Minnewater Park, we were greeted with picture perfect streets, canals and buildings. As we walked north the buildings got grander and the streets busier, I cannot emphasise how beautiful the city is to walk around; the buildings, canals and streets are all stunning plus Bruges is a World Heritage site so you expect nothing less, but it really did exceed my expectations.

The Markt is the heart of Bruges which is surrounded by stunning buildings such as the Historium Museum and the huge Belfry Tower. Belfry also plays music on Sundays, Holidays and market days which you can hear through most of the city and adds to the charm of the city. Most of the Horse Drawn carriage tours and mini bus tours of the city depart from here, plus not far away the canal boat tours are a great way to explore the city. Make sure you pay a visit to Burg Square too!

If your after some traditional Belgian chocolate you will be spoilt for choice! You can’t walk more than a few metres without walking past one of the many Belgian Chocolate shops. Some have amazing chocolate creations too, I saw giant chocolate bunnies, buildings and cats! And of course, I couldn’t visit Belgium without indulging in a Belgian Waffle covered with cream & chocolate!

There are museums galore in Bruges, there will be something of your interest! They all charge for admission but due to time, admiring the exterior and peeking into the entrance is good enough for me! Also, there is a Bruges Museum pass that will give you entrance to 14 different museums in Bruges giving really good value for money! We visited one of the many unique museums in Bruges – The Friet Museum, yes a museum dedicated to potato fries. Not the best museum in the world by any means! but an interesting way to spend an hour, taking you through the history of potatoes, the journey they take to be transformed into fries, lots of weird fries models & memorabilia and then you can taste the fries themselves in the end shop! You get a 40 cent voucher off so it makes them a very cheap 1.80 euros for a rather large portion.

We even found time to have a quick Belgian beer in one of the bars! I really would recommend a trip to Bruges, one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited. So relaxing and charming, however, beware going on a Saturday or in peak season as I’ve heard it can get very crowded!

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