Before you go – Disney CEP Program tips!

If you are lucky enough to get accepted onto a Disney Program, then you have done an amazing job already, you have made your application stand out, passed 2 or more gruelling interview stages and the Walt Disney Company think you will be great at creating amazing memories for guests! Now the big day nears, you say your goodbyes to family and friends, pack your case and fly to Florida. 

Firstly, make sure you get involved in the group chats and pages for your years program. As there will most likely be some alumni’s on them (previous college program participants) they help so much with preparation, what to take, tips about living in the complexes, what to expect and so much more. Also it is a great way to find potential flat mates and find out who you will be working with.

Keep up to date with all your emails from Yummy jobs (for participants coming from the UK). This is the team who will support you with all the paperwork, visa application and fees. They are a really friendly and helpful team who will help you with your questions and make sure you are completing all the correct documents and paperwork at the right time, there is a lot of this involved so keep organised!

Don’t overpack! Yes you will be there for a long time, much more than a holiday but that means you will buy a lot when you are there too. With the outlets nearby and all of the Disney shops that you will enter, you will definitely buy lots, they are just too tempting! So pack the very basics and hold off packing things for your apartment as you will not know if your apartment already has them, if not you can easily get cheap home and kitchenware from Walmart. Also you will want to bring back lots of souvenirs so save room for those too!

Enjoy the build up! The excitement and looking forward to the program is all part of the fun. For me the build up was in my final year of university so I was overwhelmed with essays and a dissertation to complete so before I knew it I was on the plane, but it was a great thing to look forward to getting me through everyday in the library!

Finally don’t over think and over plan, there is so much excitement in the group chats – what to do, which complex to stay in, what to wear… And this is really fun and a great way to share the excitement with your fellow program participants, however, when you arrive and are working, from my experience the things I expected and the reality I got was very different. You meet new people, do things that you didn’t expect to do and the time flies! So go with the flow, make the most of every opportunity and enjoy every moment!

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