Checking in to the Tower of Terror in New York City!

Since my travels around the US weren’t documented on here at the time, I thought this free time I have would be a great way to go back and relive my adventures! This was part of a much bigger trip taking in DC, New Jersey, Atlanta & Miami once I had finished the Walt Disney Program in Orlando so I hope to write all about those too, better late than never!

So the big NYC, where do I start… well being there for only a couple of days it was a whirlwind trip taking in as many sites as I could. Luckily I managed to do loads, not without a few hiccups along the way as you’ll find out in a later post! As I was solo travelling, I chose to stay at The Jane Hotel, a former sailors lodge with many small cabin rooms, the building has been used for many things in the past including housing survivors of the Titanic. If you have been to any of the Disney Parks, you may have been on the Tower of Terror rides, and this hotel’s reception, bars and rooms are about as close as you can get to that style. The photos below really don’t show this, (I think I was too busy enjoying NYC’s sites) but if you check out their website here you will really see what I mean! –

The hotel was undergoing a bit of a refurbishment when I was there but luckily I had a much more calm and quiet experience than the Disney ride! The rooms are really tiny, I should emphasise that as you can see in the photos below, but they have everything you could ever need for a short tourist trip in the city, plus they go further and add some little luxuries too. With me planning to spend almost hardly any time in the room apart from to sleep, along with me loving the ‘Disney Hollywood Tower of Terror’ feel to it, it was the perfect choice for my 3 nights in the big apple.

My photos don’t really show the tower of terror The staff were amazing, they were dressed in a very traditional bellhop uniform too which fitted perfectly with the style, they gave a friendly and efficient check in before I got the very funky lift to my floor. The corridor contains a huge amount of cabin style rooms and at the end is where the communal shower and toilets lie. They were extremely clean and quite easily available too, every time I used them I didn’t see anyone about. If you really would like your own en-suite then they do actually have rooms with this too. Even more luxuries too, the spectacular ornate grand ballroom located on the first floor hosted DJ sets at the weekend, plus a rooftop bar is hidden on the very top floor which I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to see, but I can imagine the views!

With the location being on the west coast of Manhattan the surrounding area is pretty quiet (for Manhattan!) and a bit of effort is required to get to the tourist hubs, however, around a 15 minute walk to the nearest metro Station gives you the whole of New York to explore. Once I had dumped my suitcase, I decided to take a pleasantly quiet evening walk down the waterside to the very south of Manhattan. I took a detour via Wall Street and to see the charging bull, and then arrived at the commuter ferry port that connects to Staten Island, I had done my research and this also was one of the best views you can get of the Statue of Liberty; a big bonus was that the trip was free! It was very quiet as peak commuter time had passed so I could find a great spot for a glimpse of the iconic statue. Now it didn’t go as close as I would have liked so you couldn’t really appreciate the size and the impressiveness, however, I was just pleased to be there and see it finally in person!

I was actually more impressed with the views you got of Manhattan as we sailed back from the island, seeing so many skyscrapers reaching for the sky and soaring into the clouds in such a crowded space as you were approaching made for some great photos and it really made it sink in that I was in New York! That was all I had time for on this first day and I got a good night sleep as I had a VERY chaotic trip planned for day 2!

21 thoughts on “Checking in to the Tower of Terror in New York City!

  1. It seems like you had a great time, I absolutely love New York! You can pop out of the Underworld in Central Park, hail a taxi, head down Fifth Avenue with a giant hellhound loping behind you, and nobody even looks at you funny.

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  2. Wow New York is such an interesting place to visit. I have only visited there twice but I don’t think I would want to live there lol. It’s too much of a busy and bustling place for me. I prefer someplace more laidback. Thanks for sharing – Josie xxx

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