Travellers list to keep entertained at home!

Being a traveller and wanting to leave my house at every opportunity to explore locally and far & wide; this is quite a challenging time for me. Of course the best option now is to stay at home if you can and wait for things to improve so I have created a list of the things you can enjoy at home that will entertain myself and others.


1. Travel virtually to major sites!

Following on from my Virtual Museum Experiences post, there are many VR and 360 degree tours around top destinations that you can explore from your sofa. Grand Canyon, Mount Everest, & London’s Houses of Parliament are all available on their official websites. But my favourite tour is the one around New York’s Central Park, it takes you past all the famous sites and also has a guide who talks to you as you move around! –

map maps american book

2. Plan your next trip

Even though nobody will be going anywhere soon, it is the perfect time to find inspiration and discover new potential places for future trips. Lonely planet is great for finding destinations, then using Tripadvisor and google maps you can find funky cafes, the best tips and places to visit. Just wandering google maps streetview is so interesting to me sometimes, I get an idea of the type of place and find niche undiscovered streets & restaurants that I would have missed if I had just kept to the touristy areas. Additionally, start learning a language, apps like Duolingo are brilliant, once you start getting to know the basics, you’ll want more and before you know it you could be speaking to locals in their language!


3. Watch YouTube

There are soo much travel vlogs, tips, restaurant reviews, walk arounds on youtube so sit back and enjoy somebody else’s road trip or get inspiration for your own travels. I love watching somebody else’s opinions of somewhere I have visited, or even better watching somebody visit your own country and seeing how amazed they are with things that you take for granted. Sometimes it’s quite cringey though! Could not do a cheeky plug to my own youtube, I upload walk throughs, full shows & experience videos of my trips so you can get a taste of somewhere and decide whether or not you want to visit! –


4. Food & Drink

Try a cuisine you have never tried before from a local restaurant or order from your favourite. Decorate your table, get your finest wine out and make it into a real dining night. Have a cocktail making or gin tasting night creating drinks from around the world. Or even try cooking something exotic yourself, forget the usual recipe book and look online for a countries traditional dish, I for one am going to make Içli Kofte this week, Turkish meatballs encased in a cous cous coating and fried. I loved them before so can’t wait to try making them myself!


5. Relive your past trips

Yes reminisce! Go back through your archives and relive your journeys, funny moments and favourite places. I am a keen photographer and love to video or take a photo of all the little things too, so I have hard drives with thousands of pics and footage on. With so many, now is the perfect time to seek your favourites, print them and create a travel board/wall, or a photo album! Now and then it is great to go back and relive your adventures, you will be surprised with how much you will have forgotten and there is nothing better than looking back at some of your happiest times.

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19 thoughts on “Travellers list to keep entertained at home!

  1. 5 us hard for me as too many moves cost me lots of photos from early trips.

    I appreciate the tips. Emu burger, by choice, and Rocky Mountain Oyster, tricked by a relative I trusted who knew I would never willingly try one. S.O.S., stuff on a shingle although most people use a different s word.

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  2. I love your take on … this. Just what I do just … planning for 2012, but I’m always ahead of myself when it comes to travelling. Great post. There is life on the other side of all this, so let us plan for it.

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