New York Day 3 – Times Square & Central Park

Last day in New York, after yesterdays busy day I took it at a much slower pace to shop, wander, relax and just take everything in.

I walked up 7th Avenue to the fascinating place that is times square, all the hype and reputation is completely true, so much buzz and excitement. Being surrounded by so many screens and people is quite overwhelming and you will either love it or hate it, I took it in my stride and did love the craziness in short bursts but after a while you just need a break! I visited all the main tourist stores as you do looking for souvenirs, took plenty of photos and consumed the chaos. I then made my way to 5th Avenue for more shopping and for the experience before continuing to the bottom right corner of central park for some peace and relaxation.

I loved how around an hour ago I was in one of the most commercial and busiest places in the world and now all I could see and hear was nature, such a beautiful contrast. This corner is a great place for a tourist to start their visit to the park as this where the visitor centre and shop is to get all your information and trails. I imagined I would walk an anti clockwise loop around the park and see all the sights, however, I was immediately surprised with how big the park actually is! I also was surprised with the hills and terrain, I guess after years of seeing it from above on tv and in photos I had convinced myself that it was just a giant flat rectangle. I managed to do a loop around about half of the park stopping often to sit and relax, I found a great spot on the rocks looking south to the hustle and bustle of the city and later found some gorgeous gardens. The Imagine John Lennon memorial and the Alice in Wonderland Sculpture were must visits for me being big fans of both so I followed the paths toward these, this kept me on track too as I once had a detour down one of the twisty tree covered walkways and totally lost my bearings!

I made it as far as the American Museum of Natural History and got a nice break from the heat. I love natural history museums, I could spend days in them, and this one didn’t fall short, such an extensive collection all beautifully displayed. I particularly enjoyed the relatively new dinosaur Titanosoar, that was discovered fairly recently in Argentina. I loved the way the head doesn’t fit in the room so it bursts out the entrance!

I stopped for dinner at Wendy’s (couldn’t believe this was my first time of the trip!) then it was getting dark so I visited Times Square once more. Wow the level just goes up in the evening, the bright lights really come alive and it feels busier somehow, everywhere you look there is people and something going on, a street act, a tour group, a camera crew… I went in the Hard Rock café shop and bought a hoodie of course, also bought a pin to add to my collection 😀 and that brought my trip to an end in the big apple!


Catch up on my other 2 days checking in and using the New York City Pass here!

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