Land of Legends, Antalya – Fantasy away from history

Today we got our adrenaline fix and checked out Land of Legends resort: a new entertainment complex near the Belek area towards the east of Antalya. Much more than a theme park, it contained a waterpark, huge shopping centre, shows, hotel and attractions that would keep you occupied for a good few days.

From Antalya centre 2 buses take you right to the entrance, this is where the ‘Disney’ style castle awaits you, a canal with Venice style gondolas and a mini London bus driving up and down to the park entrance. This place has certainly embraced the tourist stereotypes, but somehow they all work well together in this large area they call Shopping avenue. All the big brands are here, it is immaculately clean and well presented, you can tell a lot of money has been spent to get everything perfect. The Castle area is very clean and elegant, a great place to relax, the giant hotel sits to the side here too, the views must be great but the prices to stay aren’t!





We bought our tickets which again are very expensive for Turkey, this park is definitely made for overseas tourists as all the signs and names are all in both english and russian. We headed into the star attractions – the theme park and water park, they are in separate areas but right next to each other so you can have a look around the waterpark even if you have only paid for the theme park side. This is what we did as I am not the biggest fan of waterparks, so we started off slowly on the race coaster, a family mine train which was fun. Next a 4d cinema experience before building up to the biggest ride on the park, Hyper Coaster. At 62 metres tall, you can see it well before you arrive at the park, has a giant loop right at the bottom of the first drop and reaches 115km/hr. Being a big fan on rollercoasters I loved it, fast, inversions, steep drops, I even went around for more! The restraints on these new coasters give you so much freedom too as just a bar encloses your waist but you are extremely secure. 



As you can see by the photo, the park had a hot air balloon attached to the ground by a rope/chain?? Very unique & interesting way to get some views of the area! We passed a bucking rodeo, I have never been on one before so went for it, great fun but didn’t win anything, probably no-one ever has! Next we found a high wire and ropes complex, in my experience these are usually additional charges but not this time so we had a go on the climbing wall, racing each other to the top, but the scariest part is probably the abseiling down leaving just the rope holding your entire body weight. The park also has a water coaster but it was closed at the time, so after a few more rides we exited back to Shopping avenue.


We were advised there would be an evening firework show by the castle just like the Disney Parks, so we hung around and went to Faruk gulluoglu, one of the best brands in Turkey for baklava. We got the green pistachio one (my favourite) and the traditional one, it lived up to its reputation and was great to watch the all the lights shine around us as the sun set. The park is a great day trip out from any of the nearby resorts, plenty to keep occupied if you like your thrills, but even as a shopping center it has everything. It was a nice break away into a fantasy world before continuing our trip to a much more peaceful Olympos tomorrow.

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