What Inspires me to Travel

There is a lot of thinking time at the moment to look forward to and maybe plan your future trips and travels. Some of you might have had trips postponed/cancelled or have places in mind that are next on your list to visit, but what first gave you that inspiration to visit? You may not have decided yet where your next trip will be so there are lots of factors that will help your choice in this ‘inspiration time’. I’ve had a think about the things that inspire me to travel:

My lack of travel abroad when I was younger

Firstly, travelling abroad was a non-existent experience in my childhood, my parents never went abroad so neither did I. That is not to say we didn’t have many great holidays, we had many trips exploring coastal sites in north England and stayed in everything from caravans, hotels, chalets plus the Butlin’s & Haven resorts around the country. At a young age, these places were all I could ask for with play areas, children’s entertainment and activities, I was in dream land. Of course, as I grew into my older teens I wanted to see something new, more exciting and different. This is where I think my lust for travel abroad really started and I think the fact that I had not been abroad for my entire life up to this point, meant I craved it even more than others.


I love talking with others about travels, plus many conversations I have tend to always get to this topic somehow, oops! Hearing about different people’s travel experiences is fascinating to me, plus I love to know all the food, hotel and flight details that some probably feel like I am interrogating them! But these experiences of others really inspire my travels too, when somebody has had a great holiday you can really tell in the enthusiastic way they talk about it. It really makes me want to have a similar experience. Plus I have been given some of the best tips and advice from these people which really helps in future trips.

TV & Films

This is a big one for me, seeing a video of a destination just makes me want to be there. It doesn’t have to be a travel tv show either, TV dramas and films do an amazing job of getting the camera angles perfect so the filming locations look awesome, have you ever watched a film or drama and thought wow I want to visit there. I love this motivational aspect of film so much that I actually did my university dissertation on films influence in tourists decision making. Film is a form of entertainment that helps people escape from daily life, which is a huge part of travel too. The escapist nature and the emotional connection of a film can play a big part in motivating a visit.


Vlogs are my soft spot, I can watch a travel vlog about most places, some I have never heard of, and by the time I have finished watching I am already looking up flights and desperate to visit myself! I think that personal connection of you getting to follow someone on their explorations around a new city or somewhere you have been before is really unique and sometimes you also get to see the funny moments and things that go wrong! Lots of my evenings are spent entertaining myself with youtube travel videos.


Of course travel inspires itself, it is like a never-ending circle, I take a trip abroad, have a great experience, then once back start planning the next adventure! The enjoyment that I have just enhances my desire to do it more often and go to many more places. The reasons I love travelling are part of the reasons I want more! More often than not, I am looking at my next destination on the journey home. Being at a destination can get your mind wandering too and thinking of similar attractions elsewhere in the world, plus other places nearby that you don’t have time to visit this time. The feelings of happiness and excitement in the things you do definitely help inspire the cravings to have that feeling again somewhere else.

Some of these, you don’t even realise that they inspire you until you think about it, some destinations have been on my list for years too that I can’t even remember what first inspired them. But all motivations come from somewhere.

What are the things that inspire you and what inspired your last trip?

Let me know in the comments πŸ™‚

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64 thoughts on “What Inspires me to Travel

  1. I am a little like you, we used to go camping when I was younger. I’ve been to France on a school trip but other than Florida, I’ve not been anywhere else. I’m excited to start travelling again! This is a great post, it is nice to see what inspires you

    Em x

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  2. Too right that travel inspires more travel. My last trip was to Peru which was inspired by pictures. I wanted to see great natural landscapes and also have an adventure.

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  3. Love this! I wish I traveled more when I was younger. I had yearly holidays with my parents which I’m SO grateful for but they were all to very standard, touristy places like hotel resorts. TV and movies definitely make me want to pack my suitcase all the time!

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      • I love this! Honestly, I haven’t really ever been out of the United States (I’ve been to Vancouver Canada once, but I lived only a few hours drive from there). I have had the opportunity to travel all over the US and do some pretty cool things though. It’s not that I don’t want to or am not inspired to, it’s just been tough so far to do. But I do work in tourism here in Hawaii and I get to talk to tons of other people about their experiences, which is cool. Someday in the not too distant future, I hope that will be me!

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      • The US is in itself such a great place to travel, when I travelled the main cities in the east I realised how much there is to see and each area is unique. Oh I hope so, I’m sure those experiences of other people really get your imagination going!


  4. I love that films showed on your list! I know I have seen some beautiful scenery in documentaries and on screen that make me want to see the place with my own eyes so I know how much that pulls me to travel. I also love to travel to see family. πŸ™‚

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  5. This is such a fun post! I totally agree, my lack of travel when I was younger has definitely inspired me to travel more now that I’m older too. Can’t wait to start traveling again soon!

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  6. I’m definitely inspired to travel by people I meet and all the great stories they tell! I also definitely agree with the inspiration of film/TV and vlogs – in lockdown I’ve discovered a new love of travel vlogs! They’re adding so many new places to my bucket list!

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  7. Really interesting post! We are similar – TV, blogs and past travels all tie in to inspire the future. We look for places that are off the beaten track so we can try to discover them before the masses – reading blogs and watching vlogs etc helps massively! Thanks for sharing!

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  8. These are fantastic inspirations for travel. I didnt think about vlog. I love to travel so I’ll have to try making vlogs to help others see the sights before going.

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  9. When I was younger I didn’t travel much which was a huge reason why I really wanted to study abroad whilst I was in university. This was 2 years and it was the best experience of my life and I travelled so much and learnt and experienced so much.

    I also really liked meeting people in hostels and hearing everyone’s stories and travel plans because we all travel differently


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  10. I love to explore, see the unseen and take good photographs of those… to collect memories and share unique stories about beautiful places 😍

    Keep traveling 🀩 inspire and be inspired β™₯️

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  11. It’s so interesting to see, what inspires others!
    My wish to travel comes from:
    – my childhood because my parents thought me to do that,
    – from travels (like with you)
    – from other bloggers (when I see and read about what others have experienced, it inspires me a lot)!

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  12. >what inspired your last trip?

    This will sound cliche but we get lost so we can find ourselves. So that’s what I did. I traveled not knowing what else to do in life, then I found it. Travel gave me an idea what to do next, like a purpose.

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  13. We were both lucky to have the opportunity to travel growing up and we both love exploring. We have found as we get older we just need the time away from our busy jobs but we still love experiencing different cultures and ways of life 😊

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  14. What a great blog post!!! A lot of these inspire my travels as well. One thing that really gave me inspiration was when I bought a book called 100 best places in the world to visit. I’ve made it my mission to try and visit all the things in this book and I’m over halfway through it now. Think carefully before you buy anything like this because it’s cost me a fortune so far, ha ha.

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