6 Reasons Why I Love to Travel

Travelling is such a gift and privilege we have in the modern world, it is so easy to book a bargain ticket, pack your bags and explore anywhere on earth. And nothing has made me appreciate that more than the current situation, though it has given me time to think about why I have this craving to jet off to a different country. So I have gone deep into my soul (ok not that deep) and searched for where my passion and craving for wanderlust comes from.

Fantasy & New Experiences

My first experience of travel abroad was to Disneyland Paris, not the most culture rich place! However, we were enclosed in a fantasy world that was different to my norm and there was an enormous amount of new and exciting things to ride, to eat, to buy, to see…. But this is the same when visiting anywhere, it is an adventure and you can experience things you can’t do at home, all while being immersed in a land unfamiliar to you. It is your own fairy tale adventure where you can visit the prettiest places, have amazing experiences and stay in your dream locations.


The 5 Senses

Now I have had a fair amount of travel abroad, my most vivid memories are ones where my senses were overwhelmed. Istanbul is one destination where this is definitely true, when I think about it I can smell & taste the street food, hear the noise of the traffic and the busy streets while having the spectacular Bosphorus & Galata tower in my sight. It is these experiences that I crave to have time and again, being immersed in a new world surrounded by things that stimulate all my senses.

Culture & Learning

This is one of my most enjoyable moments of travel, it sounds cliche but growing as a person and learning new things is something that cannot be recreated without visiting a new place for yourself. Sometimes you can become very stuck in your own countries societal and cultural ways and experiencing differences in these really intrigues me. The trips I have taken have made me more confident, given me the chance to understand religion & history better and has broadened my knowledge of everything from cooking to dance! I love to embrace new ways and some of them I have brought home and changed my actions as a result.




Talking of cooking, food is a big bonus! Trying the local delicacy & finding new things to try is very me, I am not really a fussy eater, I will give pretty much everything a go at least once so I eat locally as much as possible and try to find weird new combinations and dishes. This way you get to really be immersed in the destinations culture too as food is so important to many places. Some of them I liked so much that I even tried to recreate at home such as Turkish stuffed meatballs (Δ°Γ§li KΓΆfte)!



The surroundings of a new place fills me with happiness, it could be a stunning mountain landscape, a beautiful secluded beach or the historic architecture of a city. All of them give me a unique feeling of appreciation for the world we live in. A dramatic view or a national park lets you take a moment to see natural beauty on earth. While a cities architecture is something I am fascinated by, as every country has a different style with so much history hidden, I love to go on the tours to really bring these buildings to life.



Imagine the moment you arrive at your destination, it is such a good feeling right!? This is the moment I feel the most happy, I have freedom, days ahead of me to explore and looking forward to the memories I will create. Some of the enjoyment stems from leaving my troubles behind, no work to get up for in the morning and the rest is from the exciting new adventures that lie ahead. Even when my travels aren’t a relaxing beach holiday and instead filled with sightseeing and exploration, I still feel so relaxed and in my element doing something I love.

Why do you love travelling? Let me know below πŸ™‚


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78 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why I Love to Travel

  1. We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. Travelling is invariably the best therapy to stay positive and satisfied. Thoroughly loved your write up!! Thanks for sharing ☺

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  2. What I love about travelling is discovering new things. I love exploring a new destination when I haven’t done too much research prior to it. One thing I always immerse myself in is the local food because where else can you get the real traditional meals? Thanks for sharing

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  3. You’ve described it really well, it’s a big wide world out there, and I want to see as much of it as possible. Circumstances mean travelling is difficult for me at the moment, but hopefully I have plenty of time.

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  4. I totally agree with these, especially what you said about the 5 senses! I remember experiencing the same thing in Bangkok πŸ™‚

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  5. As if I needed anymore reasons to start traveling! Love this post, only motivates me even more to dive into traveling! Thank you for sharing! πŸ’—

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  6. Awww jeez, you hit the nail on the head. For me, it’s culture and learning, and relaxation. There is absolutely no better feeling than the night before your flight, looking at your packed suitcases and having a drink whilst you’re full of anticipation, nerves and excitement. *off to sob quietly*

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  7. Food is definitely one of the main reasons I love to travel. This is a bit more of a challenge since becoming vegetarian but it just requires a bit more planning / research!

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  8. Great post! One of the things I love to do when travelling is just sitting with a coffee or other beverage and people watch. Not the tourists, but the residents of the area. I’m not afraid to ask questions, and they generally love to answer them!

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  9. Interesting post. Makes me want to travel more! Though I don’t feel as comfortable traveling on my own. Maybe once I have the funds I’ll have to give traveling a go again.

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  10. Thank you for this post!!!!
    I really love to travel and can’t wait for you to be able to do it again peacefully.
    Meeting new people and having experiences let grow myself at each new travel and I think is a fantastic way to live our life!

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  11. Traveling is wonderful on so many levels. We just spent some time away in a mountain town, and it was super refreshing. I feel like you always tend to come away feeling more open minded, refreshed and ready to go.

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  12. How amazing is it that your first trip abroad was Disneyland Paris! I am a huge Disney fan and would love to visit the park one day!
    Of all your reasons for loving travel, relaxation is the one that I have just started to learn to enjoy. I used to pack my itinerary with things to do, and never really used relaxation to appreciate the places I visited.
    Great article, and I know we are all looking forward to the day when we can travel again!


  13. Love this so much! You’ve described it so well! Being able to get out and explore the world is such a privilege. I love experiencing new cultures and communities, you learn so much about the world and yourself too! It teaches you to not take what you have for granted and to make the most of every opportunity! X

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  14. My daughter has been begging me to go to Disneyland Paris ever since she found out it was a thing. Hoping to quench that bucket list item before it’s too late.

    I wholeheartedly agree – especially on the food item. I’ve had Tex-Mex, but it’s not authentic Mexican food. I can’t wait to take my daughter to Paris to try an authentic pastry.

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  15. Excellent post and photos on just a few of the many great reasons to travel. Its also being proven to be very healthy as well, reducing stress and many more benefits. πŸ™‚

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  16. Great post, Christ. All amazing reasons why you love traveling. I’m not a traveler myself. BUT every time I do go away (even if it’s just a staycation), it always makes me want to go away even more and book even more trips and holidays!

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  17. Hey Chris ,

    Excellent and well-written post. I truly appreciate your efforts & hard work.

    It is my first time commenting on your blog post and i am glad to say that you have done a fantastic work and shared good information regarding travelling. You have elaborated the points very nicely and i completely agree with your every mentioned points.

    Travelling is basically liked by almost every people.Travelling is a best way to put us out from our comfort zone and it also provides an opportunity to meet new people, culture across the world. Travelling also allows us to explore new things, places and provides us amazing life experiences. Travelling brings happiness in our life and also helps in boosting our knowledge upto some limit.

    Eventually thanks for sharing your knowledge and such a fantastic & engaging post.

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