Olympia Looping at Winter Wonderland, London

When I heard the iconic Olympia Looping Rollercoaster was going to be on landing on British Soil and be the main attraction for Winter Wonderland’s 10th Anniversary there was no doubt that I was going to visit. Even though we only did this one ride as were on our way to see Charlie & the Chocolate Factory: The Musical (Link here!), I thought it was worth a post on it’s own!

First stop was a morning trip to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. It’s the closest you can get to a true German Christmas in the UK and it does it brilliantly during the day & get’s 10x better at night. For non-theme park enthusiast’s the Olympia Looping roller coaster is the World’s Largest Traveling Rollercoaster and has 5 vertical loops in a position that looks very similar to a certain global sporting event that happens every 4 years! 😉 Not wanting to infringe on any copyrights, the coaster was named Munich Looping for it’s visit to the UK! Anyway, this was it’s first visit to the UK after spending decades at the famous Oktoberfest in Germany.

We paid our £9, yes £9 for one ride! chose back row for the most intense experience and off we went. To be riding one of the most famous classic rollercoasters in the world was so special and it delivered in terms of thrills too. Such an intense ride which had everything – Air time, Helix’s, drops, speed & 5 brilliant inversions! One ride was enough for us and due to time we had to be on our way to the west end too! Here’s some more photo’s from the event this year and videos on my YT channel here!: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyZwfxMwaAreHtMheqqQvsg

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