My Top 10 things to do at Disneyland Paris

I love Disneyland Paris and can’t wait to be back after an amazing 25th Anniversary there. Here are some of my absolute favourite things to do there! (All photos are my own!)

10: It’s a small world: Fantasyland had to make and appearance in some way and this is my favourite ride there. I just find myself singing the catchy song in random places.IMG_9127.JPG

9: Ratatouille: The Adventure – Being such a fan of the film, I love the whole area and the ride’s technology is so impressive, seeing the cars weave in and out of each other is so magical.img_7981

8: Sleeping Beauty Castle – This list had to include the castle somewhere! The most beautiful castle out of all the Disney Parks in my opinion. Its great exploring the Christmas shop, the balcony and the Dragon!IMG_9396.JPG

7: Main Street USA – Just taking a stroll down main street, getting a bite to eat at one of the food outlets, Disney shopping, the castle in the distance, the music. Its brilliant!wp_20150624_22_14_50_pro

6: Moteurs, Action Stunt Show – Some people might not be a fan, but I love this show, it is presented so well and the huge explosions are great.img_8289

5: Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster – Being a thrill seeker, I love roller coasters and being launched into loops with music and lights in the dark is right up my street!WP_20150628_14_06_04_Pro.jpg

4: Big Thunder Mountain – The first time I went on this I loved it and continue to do so every time I ride it. There’s not much things that are better than riding the mine train around the thunder mountain. It has the perfect balance between thrilling and fun!img_7218

3: Tower of Terror – I love everything about this ride, the staff, the outside, the inside, the build up, the actual ride and the shop are all brilliant.wp_20150626_11_58_39_pro

2: The Parade – Watching all your favourite characters pass you on huge floats and the catchy music makes this unmissable.IMG_9489.JPG

1: The Fireworks! – I absolutely loved Disney Dreams, unfortunately it was replaced by Disney Illuminations which doesn’t live up to Disney Dreams for me, however that’s not to say it isn’t a jaw dropping spectacle. The music, projections, fireworks make such a great spectacle and the atmosphere down the whole of Main Street makes this my number one!IMG_7692.JPG

Do you agree with my choices?, would you put them in a different order? or have I missed something amazing that should definitely be there!


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