How to plan a Staycation this Summer

Are you craving a day out or a trip somewhere, me too! With restrictions starting to be lifted, a summer staycation in your home country is on the cards. But now there are a lot more things to take into consideration, so I have created this guide to make it easier to keep safe and help you make the most of your summer.

DISCLAIMER – Always obey your own countries travel advice, ensure you read the latest information on the destinations website and take precautions when out and about.

Choosing a Destination

Choose wisely, think about avoiding crowds and going somewhere more secluded, a less popular beach, somewhere with lots of open space. Check the restrictions at your destination and which facilities will be open, bare in mind that some attractions, theatres etc won’t be open yet so you might want to pick somewhere with lots of places to enjoy the outdoors and natural scenery. National Parks can be great places to visit and it is easy to social distance, but of course be aware of your surroundings and respect the locals wherever you visit. Remember to pack some hand sanitiser and a face mask too, as some attractions require you to be wearing one to enter.

photo of tent near beach


This is where you will probably have the most physical contact with people and objects, therefore you need to think about where you are most comfortable staying overnight. Hotels are introducing many protocols to keep you as safe as possible so don’t rule them out, though self catering options are a great idea to avoid restaurants and your contact with others, think about camping if you are more adventurous too!

lights festival photographer photography

Evening entertainment

When travelling around the UK, I keep myself entertained in the evenings by visiting the local theatres and shows. Though with theatres being closed for the foreseeable future, event organisers have come up with innovative ideas to keep the industry going. You may have heard of or visited a drive in cinema, but now many bands are signing up for drive in concerts where you are allocated a parking spot and get to watch a live act on stage from your car! This sounds a really good idea, I would love to visit one this summer. You can read more about the Drive in concerts here:

Book as soon as possible

There is likely to be a surge in bookings for last minute getaways with it being the first chance for people to travel and the last chance to enjoy the summer sunshine. Lots of holiday destinations are offering money back guarantees in the event that your trip is affected by Covid-19, so this gives peace of mind if you are worried about further restrictions.


Support tourism businesses that need it the most!

All of the tourism industry has struggled dramatically during Covid-19 and are in huge need of visitors to help them survive. Tourist towns and volunteer-led attractions such as historic steam railways have especially struggled, so by donating or visiting these local attractions in your area, you could save them from closing permanently and help to keep a part of history. If you aren’t comfortable with visiting now or they are not yet open then think about buying gift vouchers or booking a future visit as this will really help in their long term future.

There are many opportunities this summer to explore more of your home country, enjoy the outdoors and help struggling businesses, all while being respectful and careful of the current situation. Hope everyone has a great summer!

If you are planning your staycation, How is it going!?

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54 thoughts on “How to plan a Staycation this Summer

  1. We will definitely be staying put in WA as we have no choice with all borders inside and out closed for who knows how long! But on the plus side we are Covid free and live in a beautiful State

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  2. We finally booked our first glamping holiday of the year last night, at a small farm with all the essentials in the ‘pod’ so we can be as self-sufficient as possible and avoid beaches this summer! Really excited 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I think we are going to plan a staycation sometime this year! We’re ready to take the kids camping. It’ll be nice to get out in nature even if we’re not far from home! Great tips.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I think I’ve become accustomed to the fact that I won’t be going abroad this year, so thank you so much for all of these tips on how to go on holiday in your home country during this time! I really would love to go to a drive-in cinema in the evening… It’s just picking a place to go!

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  5. These are all really great tips. I’m keen to get away at some point, I’m sure like most people after 4 months at home, but am nervous about how to do it safely. This gave some really helpful pointers of what to consider.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Really good tips, especially the last one! It’s super important now to support small, local businesses instead of opting for that huge restaurant chain. The big companies will stay afloat, no matter what. And the small, independent restaurants will give you much more than just your money’s worth because thet are honestly grateful to see you. I’m doing a lot of local travel right now. I live abroad but have never explored the country much. Here’s my opportunity to fix that! 🙂

    Teresa Maria | Outlandish Blog

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  7. I can’t imagine what it’s like to live in a tourist town or work in any sort of tourism based occupation. Things will return somewhat to normal soon, I would think, and I hope people take your advice and do what they can to support these industries that are truly suffering.

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  8. Love this! My boyfriend and I are planning a few staycations but with the current situation, we’re a bit uncertain about what the world will be like! Thanks for sharing!


  9. Great advice, I really love staycations, especially camping somewhere near a beach. Cornwall has always been a firm favourite for our family, as it’s amazing being able to stumble across so many hidden gems down there

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  10. Brilliant advice here. We’ve just booked a week in Lincolnshire. I held off booking until quite late just in case (still awaiting previous money back from holidays!)

    But I’m looking forward to exploring somewhere I’ve not been before while staying safe x

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  11. I have been thinking about planning a staycation for this year and this post was filled with great tips and info. Now I just need to decide where to go!

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